Herr Trigger (viscera) wrote in melbournegoths,
Herr Trigger

The Lockworks/Wildilocks review

I'll be up-front, I know the owner on a personal basis, but this time it's not personal - it's business. :P

Seriously though, i'm fussy enough with people going near my hair that i'll avoid going to a hairdresser at all if I can't go to one i'm already comfortable with and am assured that i'll end up with what I want and more importantly, ask for.
This is as unbiased as I can be about a friend's business, in that i'm treating it as a neutral experience.

The Lockworks itself is a lovely space. Antique purples highlight the rust-gold cogs and gears wall designs, the layout is simple yet effective and filled with goodies from New Rock boots to a great t-shirt range [be warned, they're addictive], a great range of hair colours and local clothing designers.

The atmosphere is fantastic, it's professional and friendly and you're made to feel comfortable by any member of the staff.

I got a fairly drastic haircut by Nicole, going from almost waist length straight flat hair to spikey layers, chopping a lot out while keeping some length. She gave me exactly what I asked for and i'm ecstatic with the results, i've been bored for ages and this is just perfect.

Then both Nicole and Kat bleached back my hair. It still had streak of black in it and was a jumble of different shades of red from my home job dyes over the last 6 months to strip the black. They used the ammonia free lightener, which smells lovely and which gave them an opportunity to display their patience levels as we all discovered just how much hair I have when it's not lying deceptively flat and needs to be in thin layers. As in, an insane amount. Another rinse and I got a team effort for the applying of a huge amount of Special Effects Candy Apple Red. This stuff is incredible. It takes extremely well and i've become an instant convert, even if Punky Colours does smell like bubblegum.

I had to flee sooner than i'd have liked as i'd been called unexpectedly into work that night, but the quality of the products and the staff is seriously brilliant.

The attention to the little details, like really good tea and beautifully scented shampoo and conditioner for pre and post cuts and dye washes [the mint conditioner is heavenly] go a long way as well - they don't cut corners anywhere and amazingly, the prices are fantastic for what you get.

So, next day and... my hair is in much better condition than any time i've used ammonia bleaches, i'm in love with the colour and the cut is just perfect.

I'd provide pictures but having just moved house, i've no idea where my camera's gone and I had to bolt to work before the staff could get one. Either way, i'm extremely satisified!

Info can be found here!
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