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ABC Bans Snog Clip

SNOG are legends of Australian dark electro-pop. Throughout the length of their career they have produced a large number of film clips to accompany their various single releases, all of which have screened on the ABC’s ostensibly alternative/youth music programme Rage.
Until now that is.
Snog’s latest single is an engaging electro-dittie called Crash Crash and the film clip for Crash Crash (directed by maverick film-maker and all round troublemaker Richard Wolstencroft) at first appears to be a slapstick affair of masked figures (George Bush, Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden no less) all clowning around in front of oil refineries etc like the good buddies they are (or at least once were).
(See the clip here: )
However, there is a more serious subtext to the film clip, namely that the “War On Terror” is a bloodthirsty fraud, conducted in our name and yet of suspect origins, dubious conduct and deadly result.
How many innocent people have died in this brutal sham? Perhaps hundreds of thousands? And why do we in the West, who give our largely silent approval, simply not care?
So, almost three months ago, Snog’s label in Australia (Psy-Harmonics) submitted the clip to Rage. After a number of inquiries by the label and director they were told that the clip had not screened and had in fact been sent to an internal ABC censorship board because of it’s “political content”. Further attempts at communication by the band, their representatives and the director have met with silence. It is now safe to say that the clip for Snog’s Crash Crash has, in an anonymous bureaucratic way, been banned.
Shouldn’t “alternative music” be able to express an opinion?
Clearly not, unless it is in accordance with the government’s dishonest and bloodthirsty policy. By their censorship, Rage and the ABC give their tacit approval to that policy.

Watch the clip here:
Or go to and do a search for “Snog Crash Crash”

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