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Not so sunny Melbourne

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Melbourne Goths
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Melbourne Goths is a community, well, for the goths of Melbourne, Australia. Band nights, special events, random strangeness and peculiar creatures to follow. Book launches, poetry nights, discussions about clothing and alcohol are also welcome of course! Book shops, clothing stores, gothic jewelry, announcements of poetry readings, related politics, all are welcome if they are related to the Melbourne Scene.

This is, however not the place for personal squabbles or flaming. While entertaining, these things chew bandwidth, and only serve to make a spectacle out of those involved. The moderators will give you the chance to sort things out in a grownup manner, but if you're still going when the audience runs out of popcorn the thread will be terminated. If personal conflicts threaten to cause ongoing disruption to the community, you are encouraged to email the moderators (listed below), who will attempt to arbitrate a solution.

As always, politeness ala Gothic Miss Manners does not go astray.

  • Please read the LiveJournal FAQs before posting, especially 'prohibited material', and respect these rules. It is not within the moderators' power to change LiveJournal's rules, or the laws on which those rules are based.

  • Note that both US and Australian law may apply here. Unlike the USA, Australia does NOT have constitutionally-protected free speech, and truth is NOT an automatic defense against libel. Complaints should be directed here.

  • This community is accessible to minors. Please do not post explicit images here (this includes usericons; see also LJ's content restrictions for user pictures).

  • Sensible discussion of mature themes is welcome, but should be posted behind an appropriately flagged LJ-Cut; links to other non-work-safe material should also be flagged.

  • Not everyone is on a fast connection. If posting images over 500 pixels high or wide, 100kb file size, or multiple images, please put them behind a LJ-Cut (optionally, with thumbnail before the cut). For background to these rules, and ways to tailor your own image-viewing experience somewhat, see here.

  • Larger flyers can be posted over at melbaltevents

  • Do not use the 'disable comments' or 'screen comments' options when posting in this community unless you've okayed this with a moderator; ditto for freezing comment threads. If you've got something to say here, allowing other community members to respond is basic courtesy.

  • Please, no ebay listings. This can be seen as spam specially when xposted everywhere, and are best kept in the relevant lj goth/auction communities, of which there are many.

Material that violates these rules will be screened or deleted as appropriate, at moderators' earliest convenience; if you think the moderators have missed something, please bring it to their attention.

At moderators' discretion, repeat offenders may be restricted from posting to this community if a compromise cannot be reached. If you feel that you have been treated unfairly, you are encouraged to contact the LJ Abuse team; the moderators will abide by any recommendations that they hand down.

The following souls are your moderators as far as Community rules go. As far as the subculture? Babe, you're on your own:

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